Here are some of my projects.

Integration between WASM runtimes and the Landlock LSM

[GitHub ]
An integration between the Wasmtime runtime for WebAssembly and the Landlock access control framework written in Rust. It was my master thesis.

FreyaFS — a virtual filesystem with Mix&Slice support

[GitHub ]
It's a virtual filesystem written in Python with FUSE supporting transparent encryption. It was my bachelor thesis.


[GitHub ]
A very simple Turing Machine interpreter written in Haskell. It has its own parsable language (vaguely inspired by LISP syntax) that allows you to define all the machine instructions in a file and test it with different inputs.

It also has a TUI that simulates step by step the machine, updating live the tape content and allowing going back in time.

Fake Poetry

[GitHub ]
An old project of mine, I did this in my 4th year of high school and rewritten it in Python. Given a real poetry as input, it spits out poetries that seems real, but are nonsense.