Rules for Travelling


This is not official. These are my notes based on my interpretation of the (publicly available) set of rules. Do not base anything on this. I made this because how the rules are applied is not always straightforward.

Here I say "conference" but I mean the base reason for the travel.

You can find the document here.

Where to send the original receipts?

Remember to include the final PDF obtained from the web app too.

Servizio Contabilità, Bilancio e Controllo
Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, 106
24121 Bergamo

What can be refunded




Here "on travel" means stuff bought in highways, airports, etc. Should include also cities touched by flight stops, normal roads you have to traverse and so on, but I haven't had experience with this.


It's not clear if the nights/food are refundable when necessary, e.g., there is only one flight that arrives 2 days before the conference. It seems like it should be reasonable for it to be refunded, but I had no confirmation on this. Art. 10 comma 4 seems to say that these expenses should be refunded ("NOT refunded: [...] spese di soggiorno riferibili a ulteriori giorni di permanenza non giustificati", so if they are justified they should be refunded).


This seems like it should not happen according to Art. 8 comma 2, since it only references "daily limits" and says that food expenses in case of half-board treatment are under the daily limits for the region, but apparently this is not the case.


This seems like it should not happen according to Art. 9 comma 1, since it clearly mentions "where the mission takes place", but usually Art. 4 comma 5 prevails, since it says that in these days the only expenses that can be refunded are the ones strictly relative to the travel.